This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Sandi Pierantozzi and Neil Patterson. A long time staple of the Philadelphia ceramics scene, they run the Neighborhood Potters studio on Fairmont Avenue. In the interview we talk about nurturing creative community in an urban environment, embracing the exploratory nature of a new body of work, and their ongoing relationship with the Craft Emergency Relief Fund. For more information on their work please visit For more information on C. E. R. F. + please visit


A couple in both life and in business, Sandi and Neil share how they met in a class at Anderson Ranch. This got me thinking of all the couples in clay that have found success by sharing love, labor, and experience. Next week's episode features another Philadelphia clay couple, Daniel Ricardo Terran and Naomi Cleary. Both interviews are part of an ongoing series in which I interview couples about their shared, and independent, roles in the clay world.