Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have a discussion with Adam Field, Neil Celani and Joe Taylor. Field and Celani are members of Clayscope, a collective that uses Periscope, and other social media platforms, to build ceramic community online. Taylor is a software engineer at Periscope who has a passion for making ceramics. In the interview we talk about the nuts and bolts of the Periscope app, the qualities that make a broadcast successful and how digital communities enhance relationships and learning. For more information please visit


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Adam Field is a studio potter and workshop instructor based in Helena, Montana. He created the “HIDE-N-SEEKAH”, social media event, in 2013 and has been instrumental in the creation of the online community Clayscope.

Neil Celani is a full time studio potter working in Greely, CO. Neil was selected as a 2016 Ceramics MonthlyEmerging Artist and is currently the Resident Artist at the Clay Center of Northern Colorado where he also manages the studio.

Joe Taylor is a software engineer based in San Francisco, CA. He works on web development for Periscope and also works in clay in his home studio.

The other founding members of Clayscope that were not featured in the interview are Michael Kline ( and Virgil Ortiz ( Scroll through the carousel above to see images of all members of Clayscope.