Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Perry Haas. He builds softly undulating vessels that are designed to pick up the light fly ash of the wood kilns he fires. His recent work is made with a speckled clay body that obscures the silhouette of the forms, blending the exterior and interior spaces into the same visual plane. In our interview we talk about being patient with yourself when starting a new body of work, the Montana residency circuit and finding work life balance. To find out more about Perry visit

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Hey Red Clay Rambler fans, I have a new feature called the Community Corkboard and it’s an opportunity for you to share your ceramic event with the Red Clay Rambler audience. Today’s event is the St. Croix Valley Tour, which is having its 27th annual event May 10th-12th in the upper St. Croix River Valley of Minnesota. For more information visit To have your event, or comment, featured on the community corkboard send me an email through the contact link at