Today on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with Steven Young Lee. Growing up in Chicago the son of immigrant Korean parents, Steve turned to pop culture as a touchstone for belonging. His current body of work blends contemporary and historical references on ceramic vessels, including a recently completed large-scale plate installation. In our interview we talk about early 80’s TV heroes, how social media affects the aesthetics of globalism, and the process of making work for his show at the Portland Art Museum. For more information on Steve please visit To listen to Steve’s 2013 interview on the podcast download episode 38. (Photos by Ben Cort).

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Hey Red Clay Rambler fans, I have a new feature called the Community Corkboard and it’s an opportunity for you to share your ceramic event with the Red Clay Rambler audience. Today’s event is the Art of the Pot Studio Tour, which is having its 16th annual event May 10th-12th in Austin, TX. For more information visit To have your event, or comment, featured on the community corkboard send me an email through the contact link at