This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with gallery owner and artist Charlie Cummings. Through the Charlie Cummings Gallery he exhibits a variety of ceramic art with a focus on supporting artists early in their careers. His annual show Cup: The Intimate Object anchors an active curatorial program that includes both functional wares and sculpture. In his own art practice Charlie engineers multimedia installations that use technology to create sensory experiences that trigger the viewer's sense of awe and wonder.

In the interview we discuss the difference between documentation and art, cultivating a collector base for a gallery, and developing the M.E.T.A curriculum for artists and engineers. For more information on Charlie's work please visit For more information on the gallery please visit

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Functional work with Cone 1 Terra Cotta 2007

After early training at Berea College Charlie set up a functional pottery making Cone 1 terra cotta wares. He went on to develop the Charlie Cummings Gallery in Ft. Wayne, IN, which later transitioned to an online gallery so that he could enroll in a MFA program at the University of Florida. In 2013 the gallery reemerged into a new physical location in Gainesville FL, where it hosts six major exhibitions a year and represents fifty ceramic artists. The ability to adjust to market demand and a changing gallery landscape has been a key part of Charlie's success as a business person. In the interview we talk about the evolution of Charlie's career from potter to gallery owner to educator.