This week on the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler Podcast I have an interview with potter Matt Kelleher. He designs utilitarian ware with a keen eye for the architecture and edge quality of his hand built forms. He combines layers of slip with the soda firing process to create rich translucent surfaces that capture the mood and density of the Western NC landscape he now calls home.

In the interview we talk about cultivating curiosity, escaping the boundaries of the artist statement, and learning through new life experiences. For more information on Matt you can visit You can also find him on Facebook.


Matt and his wife, potter Shoko Teruyama, spent the month of June working and teaching at the Archie Bray. I loved the vase drawings Matt tacked up to his studio wall. He uses brown butcher paper to design and make cut outs for potential forms. The curilinear lines of the drawings gave the studio a beautiful energy. 


Matt and Shoko are past resident artists at the Penland School of Craft. Check out this 2007 video from the PBS Craft in America Series were they talk about their residency experience. Watch Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama on PBS. See more from Craft in America.